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My list of 10 interesting facts about Kuala Lumpur

September 13, 2018

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From A to Z about my hometown - Phu Yen, Vietnam

April 22, 2015




Phu Yen is a coastal province in the middle of Vietnam. Phu Yen tourism is recognized when the film " Hoa vang tren co xanh" was set there.





From Ho Chi Minh, there are many ways to travel to Phu Yen.


- By plane: This is the fastest way to travel to Phu Yen. You can easily get a cheap ticket ( 100.000 VND -300.000 VND) to Tuy Hoa airport which is pretty close to the heart of Phu Yen. It takes just around 35 minutes by plane to get there.


- By bus/coach: the bus ticket is around 200.000 VND( in 2015). If your journey is not in the summer or New Year holiday, it must be a bit cheaper. Travel by bus is not recommended for travelers 'cause it takes more than 10 hours from HCM city to my hometown. However, the bus often moves at nighttime around 7-10 p.m; thus, just getting the bus, taking a deep sleep, then you will get the site.


By motorbike: If you are an real adventurous backpacker, motorbike is highly recommended. There is a tremendous seaside road to Phu Yen that you can totally enjoy your riding. Instead of watching nature through a window, you are "in the scene" when you are riding motorbike.  You can feel the wind pass by your ear, the sunshine in your hair, you can see marvelous scenery to your right and your left. You can stop by any spots you want along the street. Is it great!!





Da Bia moutain( also called Ong Bia mountain), at 706 meters, is really well- known for local people. The symbol of Da Bia mountain is many times appeared in poems, literature's works or traditional songs. The mountain is the first choose for many visitors as well because of its breathtaking view and fresh air on the top. Looking down from Da Bia's peak, you can fully capture an extraordinary picturesque of Phu Yen mixed by mountains, floating clouds, peaceful rivers, paddy fields, beautiful beaches and miniature houses.



On the top of Da Bia is an enormous rock at 80 meters. From center of Tuy Hoa city, just follow 1A highway toward Ca Pass ( Deo Ca), you can not miss a big rock board on your right " Nui Da Bia". Parking your motorbike at local house next to the rock board.  Believe me it is totally not hard for any hikers to conquer this mountain. The first steps would be easy with stairs and beautiful passing bridges. It takes around 3 hours to get to the top. And seriously, spectacular view on the top is worth your effort.


<Click on each picture to see full size>




If you travel to my hometown, it is my first recommend for you. Mui Dien houselight is the first place in the middle of Vietnam catching the rays of dawn. It was built in 1890 with 107 steps inside. You can buy ticket to get to the top of houselight. It cost 10.000 VND/ aldult (2015). You will be definitively surprised with the pure view of Bai Mon and cliff in one side and the blue sea in the other side.


Beautiful Bai Mon beach is located at the foot of Mui Dien which is a perfect and totally safe beach for swimmers. The first impression of Bai Mon is the stretch of white sand with a small peaceful river in front of the beach. Bai Mon is surrounded by Mui Dien and cliff in the other side.


<Click on each picture to see full size>




Dap Hang was a famous destination before; but then, 2 years later when I came back to my hometown, it was closed. However, that year, our team still wanna visit it. Because it had been a long time just few people visited it, then you can see it very clean, natural without people footprint.


If you wanna experience a real natural stream, Dap Hang would be a great choice. It is hard to find the way to get there, even it does not shown out in GPS. From Tuy Hoa city, just follow 1A road toward Ong Bia mountain. When you just pass Ca Ban ( the big crossroad) about 10 minutes, ask local people to show you the way.


<Click on each picture to see full size>




Nhan temple is the best known touristic symbol of Phu Yen with more than 400 years of history. Nhan temple is in the middle of dynamic Tuy Hoa city. The temple is surrounded by the green of forest with the panoramic sight of paddle fields, Da river with white waves crashing onto the shore.


Nhan tower is situated in the peak of Nhan mountain which is one of the Cham towers that was built between the late of 11th century and early in the 12th century period.


                                                                                         The Nhan tower at night.


                                                                                                      Me in a summer day




Da Dia Reef is literally means The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates. It is really amazing the power of nature which form the spectacular shapes of the rock. As I read, these Shapes were created from volcanic eruptions millions years ago. And this is one of my favorite place whenever I come back to my hometown. Nowadays,more and more people know about this amazing place, however it's not well taken care of, there is a lot of trash around.


You can travel to Da Dia reef by motorbike, or taxi from the center of Phu Yen. However, in case you can not speak Vietnamese, taxi is better choice because local people cannot speak English at all and the roads there are a bit deep inside and hard to find.


<click on each picture to see full size>





In GPS map, it is "Cau go ong cop". Driving through this wooden bridge is a great experience. Along the street to this wooden bridge, there is amazing view.

<Click on each picture to see full size>


MANG LANG CHURCH ( Nhà thờ Mằng Lăng)


Mang Lang church  is a Roman Catholic church built in 1892 by Frenchman. It is one of the oldest  churches in Vietnam with a history of nearly 130 years of existence. The building has been renovated 2 times since that time; however, the church still retains its original architecture.


A secret little cave will be waiting for you in front of the church. Mang Lang church is in the list of must-see spots in Phu Yen.




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