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My list of 10 interesting facts about Kuala Lumpur

September 13, 2018

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First time go seawalker in Bali

November 23, 2017

Before my trip to Bali, I read a lot about seawalker and saw many fantastics pictures and I always wonder what is it really like?


Seawalker is a unique water sport allowing everyone to walk on the bottom of Bali ocean and enjoy the beautiful sea life.


We were lucky enough to meet a seawalker tour guide in our visiting to Waterblow. So that we didn’t need to book online tour. The next day, the guide pick up us at the hotel to Bali seawalker point. We signed an insurance paper and we were given a pair of rubber shoes and underwater swimsuit to protect our feet and body. Before the seawalking, there was a short briefing about some underwater signs. In the advertisement, they mentioned the activities would take around 30 minutes but it was very short and less than 30 minutes.


If you want to take photos or videos to save the best moment, you have to purchase extra. We paid Rp400 for a CD of photos and videos for 3 of us.


After equipped very heavy helmets, we reached the bottom of the sea easily.The guide provided us fish food so we were always surrounded by a lot of fish. But as I see, the fish there is quite limited comparing my snorkeling tour in Perhentian, Malaysia. Overall, It is not as many fish as I expected, but it is a fantastic experience that you should try at least once.


The facts about sea walking:

  • You are no need to be a good swimmer to go sea walking

  • You can wear your glasses.

  • You just breath normally, no advanced skills needed.

  • It is the most easiest underwater sport comparing to snorkeling and scuba diving.


Notices and Instructions:

  • Bringing Go-pro to film and take photos to save the best moments.

  • Skin protection is a must.

  • Most of the sea walking center have lockers, toilets and changing room. However, you need to bring your own towel, shampoo, comb, extra clothes.

  • Stay calm, the guide will always accompany you during the activity.

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